Xapo faucets (Updated 21th May)


Xapo is comapny, based in Switzerland. They provides safest online bitcoin wallet in the world. They also have faucet service.. Best feature of Xapo bitcoin faucets, that after claim you will receive bitcoins instantly to your wallet without treshold. For example, if you claimed 200 satoshi from faucet, it will appear on your Xapo wallet instantly after claim. To use Xapo faucet, you have to create Xapo bitcoin wallet.

Here you can find all best Xapo bitcoin faucets with highest rewards. You can also use our Xapo faucet rotator to make claims faster. Also, we have sortable faucet list, where you can sort faucets by time and rewards.

Xapo faucets:

Moonbit.co.inThis faucet is different from others – the faucet will gradually fill up – quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time – until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim.
You may prefer to claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away! You will get coins to Xapo wallet instantly after every claim.


Yannik.biz – You can claim from 300 to 600 Satoshi – chances are equal for every prize.You can withdraw your coins to Xapo. Minimal payment is only 15000 Satoshi. You will receive bitcoins instantly.

0 minutes

Kiixa.com – 25 Satoshi. No time between claims.

5 minutes

20Hk.com – 20-40 Satoshi (Popup).

10 minutes

Hamsab.net – 50-80 Satoshi (Popup).

15 minutes

Free4faucet.com – 50-150 Satoshi. Minimal withdraw 500 Satoshi.

Btcinbtc.com – 100-120 Satoshi (Popup).

Btc4free.today – 50-60 Satoshi (Popup).

Btc4free.site – 50-60 Satoshi (Popup).

20 minutes

Bitcoball.com – 50-80 Satoshi (Popup).

30 minutes

Gentlebitcoin.eu – 50-1000 Satoshi (Popup).

Bitcoland.net – 60-120 Satoshi (Popup).

Mybitco.net – 60-120 Satoshi (Popup).

Smartbitco.club – 60-120 Satoshi (Popup).

Dazabo.com – 50-1000 Satoshi.

1 hour

Btcsource.com – 60-1000 Satosh (Popup). Minimal payment – 500 Satoshi.

Bigcoin.eu – 75-1200 Satoshi (Popup).

Xapcom.eu – 50 Satoshi (Popup).

Digi-eye.xyz – 100-800 Satoshi.

Earnautomoney.com – 100-1000 Satoshi.

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