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contact_us_imageIf you you have questions, suggestions to us or want to add your faucet, game or other service to our site, you can contact us in these ways:

Our email : [email protected]

Our Facebook: Bitcoins4free

You also can contact us by writting  comment on our site. We understand messages which are written in English and Russian language. We respond to your message in 24 hours.

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  • BitCoin BitCoin

    Hi, Lot of Faucets showing “Unknown Error”…Another word for SCAM! ?. Regards.

  • Bet Predcictions

    Please add my faucet:

  • Bitcoins4free

    Added 🙂

  • Matt

    I created a faucet to try out. It is in its early stages and I am trying to bring in new users. I would be thankful if you added it to your list. It is